@2nd WIOC 學術演講者文獻整理~(日本國學者) part 2

Changes in masseter muscle activity during orthodontic treatment evaluated by a 24-hour EMG system (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Influences of aging changes in proliferative rate of PDL cells during experimental tooth movement in rats (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Association between the direction of orthopedic headgear force and sutural responses in the nasomaxillary complex< small>(丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Relationship between masticatory muscle activity and vertical craniofacial morphology (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Influences of vertical occlusal discrepancies on condylar responses and craniofacial growth in growing rats (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Influence of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid on experimental tooth movement in rats (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Craniofacial morphology of adolescent mandibular prognathism (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Biomechanical and clinical changes of the craniofacial complex from orthopedic maxillary protraction (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Wire friction from ceramic brackets during simulated canine retraction (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Biomechanical behavior of the periodontium before and after orthodontic tooth movement (丹根一夫kazuo tanne)

Skeletal Anchorage for Orthodontic Correction of Severe Maxillary Protrusion after Previous Orthodontic Treatment (丹根一夫kazuo tanne)

An Adolescent Patient with Multiple Impacted Teeth (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Severe Crowding and a Dilacerated Maxillary Central Incisor in an Adolescent (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Platelet-derived Growth Factor Enhances Proliferation and Matrix Synthesis of Temporomandibular Joint Disc–derived Cells (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Neutralizing Effects of an Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Antibody on Tooth Movement (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Influence of Functional Appliances on Masticatory Muscle Activity(丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

An Adult Case of Skeletal Open Bite with a Large Lower Anterior Facial Height (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Longitudinal Measurements of Tooth Mobility during Orthodontic Treatment Using a Periotest (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

An Adolescent Case of Anterior Open Bite with Masticatory Muscle Dysfunction (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Influence of Friction at Articular Surfaces of the Temporomandibular Joint on Stresses in the Articular Disk: A Theoretical Approach with the Finite Element Method (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

An Adult Case of Skeletal Open Bite with a Severely Narrowed Maxillary Dental Arch (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Reduction of the Hypocone of the Maxillary First Molar and Class III Malocclusion (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Effects of Bisphosphonate on the Remodeling of Rat Sagittal Suture After Rapid Expansion (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

Stress distributions in the maxillary complex from orthopedic headgear forces (丹根一夫 kazuo tanne)

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